Show your appreciation

with a gourmet dessert gift box.

Gift wrap it and write a sweet note to be included in each box.

Here's how it works

Track your gift

Give us details

Make it special

Tell us how many boxes you need, and when/where to send them.

That's it! We'll email you tracking info as soon as it ships.

Each box contains

hard to find desserts,

delivered in style.

Past boxes we've featured

Get a better sense of what might be heading their way.

We make it simple and easy to leave an impression with a one-of-a-kind business gift. Just tell us when and where to send it, and we'll take care of the rest!

Each box is priced at $30 (including shipping) and comes with beautiful gift wrapping and custom gift messages! Place an order for more than 5 boxes, and you'll get 10% off!

Ok, what does that mean?

Why OrangeGlad?

We partner with artisan chefs to craft unique and exclusive desserts, and every box is guaranteed to put a smile on your client/team’s face.

Sweet! How much will it cost?

What people say about us

"OrangeGlad makes such a unique gift, it's both personal and professional at the same time, I've been gifting them to my clients and they all loved it!"

We've been told by our customers that our boxes are happiness delivered straight to their doors.

"Orange Glad never disappointed when it comes to shipping you the best quality sweets every month and these always make the best gifts. "

Sally Perkins, 

Acct. Executive

Denis Grant, 

Business Owner

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